Visiting the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum

The British Vintage Wireless & Television Museum

July, 2023

SID Monitor & VLF Monitor

Homebrew Ionospheric Low Frequency Observatory

Central Europe observation of ionospheric D-Region irregularities

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VLF signal strenght plot & VLF spectrogram

Quiet day

C2 & C3 & C4 class Solar flares

C2.4 & M1.2 class Solar flares

M2.7 & X1.6 & M1 class Solar flares

Zoomed in X1.6 class Solar flare

Significantly increased frequency of lightnings and/or enhanced VLF propagation
over Europe caused by X1.6 class Solar flare

02.07.2021 & 04.07.2021
Grimeton Radio Station SAQ on VLF 17.2 kHz CW

Lightnings activity observed on empty VLF channel & Thunderstorm transition over HILFO observatory

Grimeton Radio Station SAQ on VLF 17.2 kHz CW

M1.4 & M2.2 & 3xC & X1 class Solar flares

Zoomed in X1 class Solar flare during local sunset

23.12.2021 & 24.12.2021
Grimeton Radio Station SAQ on VLF 17.2 kHz CW

M4 class Solar flare around local noon

Zoomed in M4 class Solar flare around local noon

X1.3 class Solar flare five minutes after local sunset

M1.2 & M2.2 & M1.9 & M1.2 & M1.9 class Solar flares

Active third week of April 2022

Active first week of May 2022

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or on Observations: @MiroslavNajman

March 2021 to May 2022

Packet radio AX25

February, 2018

VHF activity

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January, 2018

Test pattern

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August, 2017

My visit in Oslo TX Group

During my working stay in Norway in June 2012 I was invite by Martin, LA8OKA for visit local Oslo radioclub LA1OTX. I enjoyed almost 3 hours long visit in their home QTH at suburb of Oslo during their regular meeting. I was welcome very warmly and all members paid me kind attention.

During the visit we were talk about radios, portable radio activities, our amateur roots, families and other subjects. At the same time LB4YB tried to connect ISS station by packed radio, others modified garden chairs against burglars, rest eating some snack or chatting with me.

I had very good feeling during the short time spent by this visit. All together were as a big family.

Dear girls and guys from LA1OTX, thank you again for nice and pleasent evening I spent sharing your regular meeting. It will be kept in my mind for a long time. Take care yourselves and have a much fun with radio in future!

Radioclub OK1KVK/OL7C

During my military service in the end of 80's I visited periodically one and half year radioclub OK1KVK in Karlovy Vary spa town. It was so pleasure, meet every tuesday evening local HAM's. During the years contacts disappeared, but I revive relationship with OK1KVK via Vlada OK1FIK in recent past.

Vlada OK1FIK and Pavel OK1AW were invite me to participate on CQ World Wide WPX contest, CW part, 2009. I was very proud on it. Sharing HF operating room with two ex-marine radio officers was great honour for me. It was new experience for me as for QRP operator too. Sitting behind a "big gun" RIG and making every minute new DX station several hours continuously, this was totally exciting for me. Thank you, mariners. (May 2009)

OK1FIK and OK1AW were invite me to CQ World Wide WPX contest, CW part, 2010 also.
Thanks again, mariners! (June 2010)

My next activities with OK1KVK/OL7C:
I. Subregional contest, 2011
CQ World Wide WPX contest, CW part, 2011
CQ World Wide WPX contest, CW part, 2012
A1 contest, 2012
II. Subregional contest, 2013
CQ World Wide WPX contest, CW part, 2013
VHF contest, 2013
A1 contest, 2013
A1 contest, 2015
I. Subregional contest, 2016
CQ World Wide WPX contest, CW part, 2016
VHF contest, 2016
II. Subregional contest, 2017
A1 contest, 2017
II. Subregional contest, 2018
CQ World Wide WPX contest, CW part, 2018
CQ World Wide WPX contest, CW part, 2019
A1 contest, 2019
II. Subregional contest, 2020

Family radioclub OK1RKZ

During the last Field Day at OK1KVR radioclub my daughter tried to operate the youth part of the contest and made about 30 QSO's. She likes it at first attempt and after this we activated our family radioclub OK1RKZ at 144 MHz. We purchased portable mast, borrowed TRX Icom IC-706, found my old 4 element Yagi antenna and during the every third sunday of the month me and my daughter are active in OK activity contest. If its bad weather, we use our home QTH facility.

Autumn, 2008

Radioclub OK1KVR

Last two Field Day contests I spent with my friends from OK1KVR radioclub, located at Vrchlabi town in Krkonose mountains. First weekend of July I usually enjoy my holiday at Turnovska bouda cottage, which is near to Vrchlabi and then is so easy to participate at this action.

July, 2008

Ionosphere monitoring

In november 2006 I started 24 hours real time spectrum monitoring of special QRP beacon OK0EU. This beacon transmitting at actually (august 2007) 5 accurate and stable frequencies with 4 Hz separation, from 5 different locations.

Signal from 50 metres long wire receiving antenna (installed 15 metres above ground at Praha Ruzyne - JO70DC) leads to TRX IC-706 through high voltage protection. AF signal from TRX leads to soundblaster of conventional PC, where running Spectrum Lab software with FFT analysis.

Spectrum images, captured every hour, are uploaded via FTP to website automatically.

It is possible to observe several infrasound phenomenas in ionosphere above the Czech Republic at spectrograms, displays as Doppler frequency shift on HF carrier. It can be recognized ordinary and one or more extraordinary rays, dispersion of carrier, drop out of space-wave (when the critical frequency dropped below 3.5 MHz) and others.

Project is realized with support of OK1DCP, scientist of Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Department of Upper Atmosphere, which is operator of OK0EU beacon also.

Sledování majáku OK0EU - článek pro zpravodaj OK QRP INFO, č. 72 (leden 2009)

Beacon OK0EN

Beacon OK0EN I build shortly after I gets a licence. It was secondary product of my QRP activity in these years. Beacon consist from crystal Colpits oscillator, PA 300 mW INPUT, keyer (made of TTL integrated circuits - multiplexer and demultiplexer reads diode matrix, synchronized by 555 circuit timer) and power supply. It is simple, but works a years without problems.

But antenna is too bad. Dipole 2 x 20 metres, 8 metres above ground only, one of arms is under roof of family house, at lowest place in village. No space, no land. Due to vertical radiation pattern (no coverage at low elevations) I call it "european one hop iono beacon". Longest report is from Northern Ireland.

Radioclub OK1KKD

Time to time I participate on VHF and UHF contests with my local radioclub OK1KKD (see OK1KKD by OK1XED also). Guys from club are specialized for microwave and power technology and operation. Favourite action is "Field Day", where is regularly high attendance of club members and other friends.


As a member of OK QRP club I became shortly after my several first QSO's with low power at 80 metres in 90's. OK QRP club organize meetings and contests, issue magazine, learn children build small and simple RIGs at summer camps and many others activities, all about QRP. There is no problem make a QSO to other side of the Earth with PA 1 kW. It is very exciting to build small RIG himself and make QSO over ocean with 1 W with that. QRP is a HAM lifestyle.


Czech and Slovak DX Club

Radio freaks, which are listen anything is on the air. Definitely, without compromise. It's a good feeling, to share this deviation.

Czech and Slovak DX Club

Operation from airplane

Flying between clouds, working on the board, sometimes get a mike and make QSO. I have a good job. Really.

Transmitting from airplane

HAM meetings of Kladno district

Over the 12 years I organized HAM Kladno district meetings. It was fine, new friends I gets, many beers I drinked up. Thank's to continuator OK1CEP for next progress.

HAM and CB meeting Kladno

Rock&roll and Blues

Classical rock, maybe spiced little southern and blues, that's the good food for me. I must have it more then several times a year, otherwise I died.

The Kingsize Boogiemen
Brutus band


I like observe planets, Moon and Sun, of course. Sun is my secret love. I like everything about Sun, our star, which give us a life. I like observe also sunsets and sunrises with twilight effects and make photos sometime. Sun is life, exactly.

Czech Skeptical Club

I don't believe all. I try to get information from several sources, synthesize them, compare, think and evaluate. That's the scepticism in short.

Czech Skeptical Club


I check that radiobeacons, which are telling pilots where to fly. Responsible, but nice form of radio. Hmm, when I am not a sick on board.

Employer (until December 31, 2011)
New employer (since January 1, 2012)

Jak se kalibruje ruzyňské letiště, aby letadla trefila na zem
(reportáž Technetu, 26. července 2012)

New job (since October 1, 2014)

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