OK0EU Beacon Screenshot 3-4 August 2010

And 30-31 July.
BEACON DETAILS http://ok0eu.fud.cz/
OK1DUB's SITE GIVING DETAILS OF HIS MONITORING OF THE 5 BEACONS CENTRED ON 3.594500MHz. DL4YHF's Spectrum Laboratory ( http://www.qsl.net/dl4yhf/spectra1.html ) configuration file is here.  

Here are two screenshots of the OK0EU beacons on 3.594.5MHz covering the night of 3-4 August 2010. I have been monitoring these for a while and noticed this night showed rather more frequency variation than usual. 
The results do vary, below, I post another two, perhaps showing a more usual pattern. Here about 700 miles or 1100Km away the carriers with no doppler shift apparent are often just about visible all the time. The beacons run just one watt into dipoles.
My location IO90IR 50.7°N 1.3°W Cowes Isle of Wight just off the South coast of the UK.
The frequency scale is not absolutely precise. It is in Hz giving the last 4 figures of the frequency about 3.594500MHz.
Sunset at beacon sites about 1845, local about 19.50
Sunrise at beacon sites about 03.30, local about 04.30
All times UTC.

If RX attenuation is reduced the carriers are often visible most of the day. The beacons on the lower frequencies seem to give slightly stronger signals.